It Just Felt Right

We lived each day true to each, an authentic lifestyle.Michelle Gersh

There was never any outside influence that we allowed to affect our life and our plan. I stood beside you as you did me whenever any family member questioned us or our marriage or the decisions we made in raising our children.

We were never jealous of each other or anyone in our lives.  There was never a part of life that we did not laugh together, no matter the environment, we, together, found humor in everyday life.

I admired you so, and you inspired me.  That is when I knew I had found the gem in my life.

Probably the most tell-tale sign is that dining with anyone else still does not feel right. Never has. You’re constantly comparing her to the true love of your life (because that’s what you were), and you know you don’t feel the same. It just feels wrong.

We were  a team.

If you’re in a relationship that just feels totally right, you like to team up and say “we”, it’s another one of clear signs you were the one for me. You might not even realize you’re saying it, but the moment me becomes we is the moment you know we were the perfect fit.

Michelle GershWas there ever a question that we had a future together?

Every memory of every place, every song, every meal is about you.

I love you Michelle; forever you’ll stay in my heart.


A Mother’s Day Wish

I only wish for one day to be able to spend time with you, share with you and show you how much I appreciate you. Each day begins with me giving thanks to you.
Shelly, I know I could have behaved and done things differently in life and I have to live up to and be responsible for my words and actions, both good and bad.
But, I also know, I am not who I was.
Michelle as I get older you begin to realize that we just need the simple things in life. A friend and a partner to love. I miss you and have learned the harshest as well as amazing lesson.
It may take a day, a month, a year,a decade but what’s meant to me will always finds its way.
Every part of our life together proves that. Michelle Gersh
I thought that our marriage would guarantee we would be together forever and I couldn’t have been more wrong.  It needed love, respect, trust, understanding, friendship and most of all faith in that relationship.
From August 1979 to forever.  In the end, you could not have changed me just because you loved me.
But I promise you, on every breath I take, I changed myself, because I love you.
I promise you this Michelle, and I truly mean it, if I had to choose between loving you and breathing I would use my last breath to say… I love you Michelle.
Happy Mother’s Day Michelle,
The smile of an angel,  a heart of gold, the giggles of a child, the tenderness of a beauty and the spirit of a warrior; that is you, all of you .
Please give us just one last chance.Michelle Gersh

You Find You’re Unable To Concentrate

Michelle GershThe moments in our life when you just know she’s the one.  You meet and yet you want to speak on the phone at every minute you can. When you can speak to each other and you cannot even keep your eyes open.

When the chemistry is just right that you understand when others talk about soul mates and you know you are each others and never had to label it.  Kindred spirits. Mic helle Gersh

The best sign is when you talked about marriage it was the easiest decision you made in your life. She was by best friend, my partner and the love of my life.

Michelle GershMarriage is not about finding the person you can live with BUT finding the person you can’t live without.  ( This was told to me by someone from her family) . I carry these words every day with me.


You Made Me The Best Version Of Myself

Michelle GershShelly,

I will always wear my heart on my chest as a badge.

You mean the world to me and when I heard this amazing song only one person came to mind… it’s always you ShellyMichelle Gersh

I totally messed up and have received a lifetime sentence in your eyes. When Mike told me this a few years ago I refused to believe him because I always believed we would as we always did bridge our gaps. With me now, rebuilt, better and stronger than ever with a clear understanding of life I only wish to share with you but it takes two to dance.  My hope and wish is to spend my time with you.

Michelle GershMichelle Gersh, you mean more to me than words can ever say.




A Leap of Faith Michelle

Michelle GershBecause that’s what people do. They leap, and hope to God they can fly, because otherwise you just drop like a rock, wondering the whole way down, why in the hell did I jump? Michelle GershBut here I am, Michelle , falling, and there’s only one person who makes me feel like I can fly… That’s you.

A Smile That Heals Me

It does not take much to figure out what is missing……. what makes me tick. It’s you Shelly, always was and always will be.Michelle Gersh

Michelle GershIf there was ever a person I needed in this world it is you Michelle.

Shelly, you and I talked about life thousands and thousands of times.   We made decisions in life, you and I, that had so much impact on our life. I miss my partner in life, the love of my life and the reason why I woke up each morning.

I choose us and I am hoping and asking you to choose the same.  Somehow I just hope you can forgive me and give us a chance.

Like the adage says, “never give up an anything that you cannot go a day without thinking about. Michelle, I can tell you there is not a minute that goes by that I do not think about you, what I risked, what I lost and what I miss. I love you Michelle.